Why is it so important to track your workouts?

You have everything you need to be successful with the app. Learning how to use it to it’s full potential will help take YOU to your full potential. Below I will explain the features available to not only my personal clients, but everyone in the Savage Training programs as well. I encourage you to play around and utilize these resources to make the most out of your training and experience. 

Tracking your physical progress is important for a few reasons. 

1) nothing is as motivating as watching yourself transform. Looking back at your transformation over time can be incredibly motivating. 

2) We look at ourselves every single day. It’s hard to notice the small changes that happen day to day and week to week. Often times we think we have stopped progressing, but when we look back at photos, we can blow our own minds. 

3) flip side- if you keep track, you are holding yourself accountable to yourself. If you notice you aren’t progressing as well as you’d like to, you can compare your training notes and diet compliance and see where you can improve. Pictures don’t lie. Stay accountable! 

4) If you notice body parts that are lagging or there’s some symmetry issues, you can focus on increasing the weights on the lagging areas, and adding a few extra reps to help bring them up.  

Let’s face it.  We’re visual creatures…  That being said, a mirror alone isn’t the best way to track your progress nor is a scale.  It’s just one metric.  This is where people fall flat.  Often times we check the scale or use the mirror to assess our fitness progress and levels.  This really can be one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

So many things dictate our weight and muscle weighs more than fat so sometimes when someone’s body is in transition, you can actually gain weight while losing fat.  Oftentimes, hormones can dictate how much water we hold and how much we weigh or even how we look on a day to day basis. 

When it comes to tracking your progress, data is king.  Weight, Measurements, photos taken consistently over a long period.  The more comparables you have the better because using one metric alone can give you false readings (even taking measurements at different times of the day due to hydration and waste levels – Ideally, take them first thing in the morning each time after using the bathroom).

What metrics should I be tracking and when?

Ideally, you want to be paying attention to a few variables and tracking them every week, but certain things you definitely want to be tracking daily


MeasurementsBuy a soft measuring tape and measure the thickest part of your arms, hips, waist, chest, neck and calves.  Input this information into your app.

Weight – Check your weight weekly and input that information into your application.  The application has a nice display of charts and graphs you can use to monitor your progress as the weeks pass by.  Always use the same scale each time as scales can vary by calibration sometimes as much as ten lbs.

Photos – It’s not that taking photos are a bad way to measure progress, it’s just decieving to use it as a solo assesment of your fitness.  Take pictures weekly with the same camera in the same spot under the same lighting conditions for best results and then upload them into your app so you can watch your progress and stay motivated.


Water Intake – It’s easy to foget to drink water, but your body needs and craves it.  For a sweating hard working body I always reccomend four litres a day minimum.  You should be watching your water intake and you can do so right inside of our smart phone app.

Food Intake – You may even already have a meal plan, but sometimes it pays to keep track of your food intake using myfitnesspal so you can see how your adherance to your meal plan affects your fitness.  If you don’t already have a meal plan, click on the Nutrition Page and order one now.  The application synchs up to MyFitnesspal so you can easily see everything in one spot.

Reps, Weight, Sets and Cardio – training frequency and details are important.  You can lose all the weight you want but ultimatley it’s always nice to see where your strength and stamina cooincides with your efforts.  The application provides a nice easy format to be able to do so without dragging around a book and pen on each excercise you perform 

Make the Most out of your training App

Use the calendar feature to schedule your training sessions.

Track your workouts as you go and refer back them every week or so to see where you’ve improved and where you can push yourself harder

If you are doing a personal coaching program with Xenia, you can even leave notes in your training to discuss with her during check ins. Just be sure to tell her the notes are there in your check-in.

Upload your starting photos and weekly progress photos into the app to look back on.

The training app synchs with the MyFitnessPal app! Keep track of your eating and nutrition in one place.  

Get reminded of achievements and rewards generated automatically by the application based on your tracking.

You can even create a freestyle workout using the SAVAGE training  video library for days you can’t or don’t want to follow the plan.

If you are doing check-ins with Xenia, you can request your custom meal plan be loaded into the app to track your progress.

Track your measurements, pictures, weight, body fat and heart rate, and watch how it improves over the months. Nothing motivates us more than watching ourselves progress

 All of these features are included for active clients and subscribers, or with one off plans purchased through this website.



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