The theme right now with staying home during the COVID19 pandemic is Toilet Paper and Oreos. Where’s the sense in this?? I won’t get into my thoughts on this, but seriously guys… WTF


Now more than ever we need to focus on establishing routines. A lot of us are working from home, or have time off from work. We are staying in our PJs all day and the days seem to be blending into each other.


I have been working from home for 6 years now. It’s been a learning experience, that’s for sure. It’s not easy at first. With the quarantine in place and gym closures, I’ve had to practice more discipline than usual to get into a new routine. I want to share my strategies with you below. 




NUMBER 1- You need to create a routine and schedule. Make a list of what you need to and want to get done for the day and create time blocks. Remember those old high school agendas we had many years ago? Our smart phones have this in the calendar app. USE IT. Pencil your workout in like an appointment. For me this might look like:


7am: 25 minuets cardio


8am Meal 1


9am-1pm- Work (meal 2 @11)


1pm-2pm- meal prep/clean/life stuff


2:30-3:15 – weight training.(meal 3)


4-10pm- more work (I work a lot)

(6:30 meal 4. 10pm meal 5)


Create a weekly plan. Know what you’re doing on certain days. Then break each day down and create a schedule. Set your workouts for the same time each day and plan your schedule around them.

A bonus we have as ‘bodybuilders’, or physique goal chasers, is that we eat frequent and scheduled meals (when on track..) Prep your food, schedule your feeds, and use your meals as an anchor for your routine.


NUMBER 2 – Get ready for the day as if it were any normal, non quarentined day.

Get ready for work at home or the day the same way you would without the quarantine in place. MAKE YOUR BED. Train, Shower, get dressed, do your makeup if that’s your thing. Staying in your PJs all day will keep you in that mind state. 

NUMBER 3 – Have a support system in place and stay accountable.

Find support. My Savage Community is LIT more so now than ever. People posting their workouts, doing the training programs together (those who are subscribed to the group training programs.) And they’re leaning on each other not only for motivation and accountability, but emotional support during these uncertain and difficult times.  Just because you don’t have the in person gym community right now, doesn’t mean you can’t find accountability and motivation from a group. You are welcome to join us!!! (But just a quick instagram search for “quarantine workout” will give you a glimpse into what the world is doing to stay fit at home, and will motivate you. Quarantine workouts are the “in thing” right now. It’s also the healthy and responsible thing to do.

NUMBER 4-  Have a structured training plan!

When your equipment is limited at home it can be hard to get into a workout or know what to do. Im a firm believer in working off a training plan every day. It helps us push ourselves and do things out of our comfort zone. Gives us direction and ensures a solid workout we more than likely wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Free style workouts can be half assed and if motivation is lacking or if you don’t have a sound understanding on how to biuild a properly structured workout, you can end up just wasting your time training ineffective and losing all motivation. Having something in front of you to follow will ensure you are getting a solid, effective workout, and will motivate you to get it done. (The savage training options have you covered)



NUMBER 5 –  Invest in home workout essentials and create a specific spot in your home for your workouts.  

If you don’t have basic home workout equipment, you should start working on investing in some. The Savage Home Programs require the basics (which can be seen at the bottom of the page here), but in light of this sudden lock down we are in, I realized that a lot of clients and subscribers (and readers!) Don’t have access to all the home essentials. SO I created a limited equipment program which I will continue to run year round. It’s great for those who don’t have much to work with. We Just need a set of dumbbells, loop bands and longer resistance bands. Amazon is still delivering as are shipping companies. Get them.

NUMBER 6 – Having a designated training space is essential. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or even “gym-ish” It just needs to be the same spot. After a few days of working out in this space, your brain will just shift into workout mode when you enter it with intention. It takes a week or so for this mental shift to happen so you need that discipline to create those neural pathways. Once they’re there- you’ll find your groove with the home training.


CLICK HERE FOR MY HOME GYM EQUIPMENT SHOPPING LIST. Not everything here is essential, but these are things I’m working on getting for my home set up. You’ll also find the basic home gym requirements for the Lean Gains, Shred and Lifestyle programs. If you don’t have bands, a jump rope and a set of dumbbells, spend a few bucks and invest in yourself. You’re worth it. 






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