Here’s how being a Savage V.I.P works

Sign up to become a Savage V.I.P and have access to all my training programs in app – FOR FREE.

Those enrolled in the Savage Training subscription are already VIP. We are just changing the way we offer the programs, and are making the perks official. (more coming soon)

Perks of Being a Savage V.I.P

  •  – Have access to all of Xenia’s available programs without paying more for them. 
  • -Take full advantage of the Training App without restriction. Define your goals, track progress and all your workouts. 
  • See features here
  • – Enjoy 20% off personalized services, if needed, Including custom meal plans, macro calculation, weekly checkins and even custom training program design. 

  The Lean Gains, Shed and Lifestyle programs are continuously running. Meaning there is NO end date to these programs. A new program is loaded in app every 2 weeks until you either switch your program or cancel your subscription. The end of the 2 week cycle is when you can request to be moved into another training option.

But say your goals change. Maybe you’ve got a wedding coming up, or a big event- Or you want to try a different style of training for a while. You can easily request to have your program switched to any of Xenia’s available Savage programs. You can choose to stay in your subscription to Shred/Gains/Lifestyle, switch between these, OR decide to tackle any other programs Xenia is offering. And you get to do so for FREE.


If You Are NEW To Savage Society and Want To Join Our Family, Here’s How To Do It:


 Step 1: Sign up for the membership and select your “Home program” This is your goal focused training program which is ongoing. Training changes in app every 2 weeks until you request a program change, OR cancel your VIP membership. (click here to see options)

Step 2: Check your email for the App Invite link and follow the steps within. (It will be on your receipt).  

Step 3: If your programs aren’t loaded into the app right away, please wait a few hours then log out then log back in.

Step 4: Join our facebook group page where you can ask questions, make friends, inspire, and be inspired. Welcome to our family!

Step 5: When you are ready to change your program, please send Xenia an email the weekend the workouts are to turn over, requesting what you’d like to have loaded in your app. 


If you are a current Savage VIP and want to switch your program, here’s how to do it:


Step 1: figure out which program you want to challenge yourself with!


Step 2: Complete your current phase of training (The ongoing training options are Lean Gains, Shred and Lifestyle- both in gym and home versions. There is no finish line for these programs- they training changes every 2 weeks until you switch into another program, or cancel your membership )  


Don’t wait for it to rotate or you’ll be doing another cycle of workouts before you can change again.

Step 3: Log in and out of your app on Monday morning if your program hasn’t changed.

I feel so HONOURED and excited to have you training along side me. See you in the facebook group!






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