Doms. Delayed onset muscle soreness. If you’ve been doing the workouts, you’re more than likely cursing me every time you have to get up. That soreness in your muscles is called DOMs and it’s normal when your body isn’t used to a new repeated movement pattern.

Muscles grow stronger by being broken down. It’s kind of romantic. (The real magic happens when they repair. But that’s a different post) so yes, your soreness is normal, and yes your body will become more accustomed to the training over time.

But for now, we need to nurse these ouchies.  Here is how:

Hydrate. Get all your water in.  You should be drinking a minimum of four litres of water a day if you are sweating and training intensely.

If your dehydrated, your doms will be worse and prolonged. Getting sufficient water will help flush out the metabolic waste which causes the pain.

Move! Do light cardio. A 25-30 minute jog or elliptical will SUCK at first but will help you flush the buildup of lactic acid and the blood flow will deliver nutrients to the muscle. Finish with some light stretching to help even more.

Eat enough protein and drink your BCAAs. These are nutrients which your muscles need to repair. Give them what they need and you’ll feel better faster

Use heat. Hot baths soon after training, heat packs within the first 24 hours can reduce DOMS by up to 47%. Add on some Epsom salts, and you’re one home spa treat away from feeling a lot better.

Please Note: heat is good for pain from exercise. Not to be confused by injury. Injuries need t be iced right away to bring the inflammation down.

Use topical anti inflammatory pain cream such a Rub A535. Even better after a long hot soak.

Glutamine and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidants which directly helps repair skin, hair, tendons and muscle tissue. L-Glutamine is an amino acid which has shown tk significantly help relieve DOMS and facilitate muscle repairing.

SLEEP!! Muscles repair when we are sleeping. We release growth hormones when we sleep which facilitates repair and muscle tissue growth.

If you aren’t getting adequate sleep, you will have more soreness for longer. But not just that. You’ll also be robbing yourself of all the beautiful growth potential.

The best thing for DOMS is time. But I know it can be unbearable at times. But the time you try all these out you’ll forget you were even sore… Until next week.



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