#WeSlay - Starting July 1

Thank you for showing interest in joining Team Slay which will start on July 1.

You are about to step on board at a truly momentous time and at the beginning of something big (not your conventional 30 day challenge). The first girls to get involved will be the Team Slay pioneers, and will help shape and develop the community. So what I am working on launching is a community of women who share the same goals in fitness.

As my online training business has been getting busier, I noticed that a supportive and truly caring community started to develop. (along with the hashtag #weslay and #teamslay which started as a joke).  

Some ladies reached out to me and told me they couldn't afford my online coaching, but were still engaging with myself and my clients. I love that we are inspiring people and want to create an accessible solution for women to experience my intensity and style of training. 

When you join our team, you subscribe to #WeSlay:

  • a monthly workout program designed by Yours Truly, emailed to you on the 15th of each month.

  • This program is an intense 5 day split designed to push you beyond your perceived limits. Think a 5 day split is too beginner? Don’t worry- we are also doing weekly challenges. (30 day fully guided booty-building challenge is the first one we will be posting) 

  • a sustainable and realistic meal plan with sign up.  Option of customized meal plan at discounted rate - pay only $39.99, instead of $80 with membership.

  • access to our exclusive member only group page where we post weekly, monthly and daily workout, diet and spiritual challenges 

  • exclusive deals from our sponsors

  • Support, guidance, direct communication and instruction from me, your online coach. 

  • Discuss secrets of the fitness models and competitors. 

  • Visit to inspire or be inspired. Everyone is on the same day on the same program- come for support, to share your experience or request modifications, or just hang out with a kick ass group of girls with the same goals.

  • and more...so much more!  This is just the start. You are joining as we build the foundation of our team. It’s only going to evolve from here. 

Why Join?

I have had great success with many clients working one on one online with very personalized programs. To make this more affordable, accessible and fun, I am creating monthly programs and challenges for everyone on the team to work toward together. Modifications will be explained in the group page as requested.  I also include a sustainable and realistic meal plan with sign up. 

The team is there motivating and cheering each other on. We share recipes, experiences, a lot of sweatography and a sense of community.   And just when that workout becomes easier, you get the new program and start all over again.  I'll be very involved daily with the team.  I'm there for guidance, support and mentoring and instruction videos are uploaded regularly. And obviously to hang out because we are awesome and inspiring.   I expect the community to grow quickly, but I want it to be a very personalized experience for everyone.  Every member will have an introduction and we will feature profiles and success stories.  I want all my girls to be friends and help inspire each other to slay- every single day. 


  • My rates for the team membership are $39.99/month 

  • You get access to the private team pages on Instagram and FaceBook, the monthly professional (and intense!) training subscription, and generic meal plan.


What are you waiting for? Come SLAY with us!  Email me to join the team!